KRSC Thailand

                     KRSC LEARNING CENTER

                 Learning Center Kaengkrachan Riverside Resort

                                  Kaeng Krachan District Phetchaburi Province
                 On an area of ​​over 60 rai, accommodating more than 500 guests, we conduct business through cooperation with the public, private, community, and educational sectors.
           By adhering to the principles of the BCG Model, which focuses on developing natural resources into high-value products, taking into account the reuse of various materials for maximum benefit. and develop the economy along with social development and environmental conservation in a balanced manner, resulting in stability and sustainability at the same time.
           We are a business of accommodation, food and appliances that come from nature. Inserted into the cultural identity of the community with standard quality Come be a part of organizing community tourism route activities. With a team of professional lecturers Consistent with the spatial potential of Kaeng Krachan, which is a world heritage site. and the province is a UNESCO Creative City for Food, supporting high quality tourists.
           causing income distribution to the community Reduce inequality Build a strong community It is environmentally friendly and sustainable development In line with the SDGs principles, which is what KRSC has always adhered to.