Our Inspiration

Kaengkrachan Riverside Resort.
1. Room and Food & Beverage.
: KRSC Thailand, Resort & Scout Camp offers food and accommodation. Budget can be discussed to meet needs of users. We serve quest as family member with good complete, good quality, comfortably and safely.
2. Team Building Activities and Skills.
We organize a qualified training by expert team due to expected outcomes. KRSC Thailand is one of the best experiences and will be impressed ever.
3. Organic Agriculture Garden.
The management of KRSC Thailand has more than 200 species of edible and perennial plants without the use of toxic chemicals. KRSC Thailand is an organic area of 60 Rai scale..
4. Mini Farm.
It consists of a variety of animals with different sources. There are horses, cows, turkeys, cocksuckers, peacocks, goats, etc. It is also an activity for tourists to play and touch with animals as well.